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          Just For Kids

          Classroom Presentations

          We gear classroom presentations toward specific grade levels. They include a discussion on the importance of voting, our local government, and the electoral process. Students have the opportunity to take part in a mock election and are also given the chance to pre-register or register to vote. For more information, contact us.

          Sunshine State Young Readers and Florida Teens Read

          We offer elementary and middle schools the opportunity to schedule their Sunshine State Young Reader’s Award Program (SSYRAP) elections. Students vote using DoubleClick Democracy Online Voting, so your school has flexibility to schedule their Election Day. With DoubleClick Democracy Online Voting, we provide access to the online ballot for the SSYRA and Florida Teens Read (FTR) programs. Interested schools can send a request to on our Contact Us page.



          Ben's Guide for U.S. Government Logo

          Great guide for all ages about our nation and government, with games and activities.


          Florida State Seal

          Florida Department of State?Kids?Page
          Need help with your Florida projects and assignments? Learn Florida history and facts.

          Kids Voting USA Logo

          Kids Voting USA
          Provides students with the opportunity to understand elections and the ability to vote online for the candidates running in a current election.

          Florida State Senate Seal

          Florida Senate Handbook for Kids (PDF)
          Have you ever wondered who decides how long a school day can be? Learn this and much more with this fun and interactive handbook.

          U.S. House of Representatives Seal

          U.S. House of Representatives Kids Page
          How does a bill become law? Learn this and more on the House of Representatives website.


          Online Sunshine for Kids

          Florida State Legislature: Sunshine for Kids
          You will have the opportunity not only to learn but also play games, solve puzzles, and take a tour of the State's capital.

          Supreme Court Building

          Social Studies for Kids: The Supreme Court
          Get to know your Supreme Court Justices and how, when, and why the highest court was founded.


          U.S. Department of Justice Seal

          U.S. Department of Justice: Justice 101
          Learn about the courtroom, the criminal justice process, and more.