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          Voter Rights and Responsibilities

          Voter's Bill of Rights

          Each registered voter in Florida has the right to:

          • Vote and have their vote accurately counted
          • Cast a vote if they are in line at the time polls close
          • Ask for and receive assistance in voting
          • Receive up to two replacement ballots if they make a mistake prior to the ballot being cast
          • An explanation if their registration or identity is in question
          • Cast a provisional ballot if their registration or identity is in question
          • Written instruction to use when voting and, upon request, oral instruction in voting from elections officers
          • Vote free from coercion or intimidation by elections officers or any other person
          • Vote on a voting system that is in working condition and will allow votes to be accurately cast

          Voter Responsibilities

          Each registered voter in Florida should:

          • Familiarize themselves with the candidates and issues
          • Maintain a current address with the office of the supervisor of elections
          • Know the location of their polling place and its hours of operation
          • Bring proper identification to the polling station
          • Familiarize themselves with the operation of the voting equipment in their precinct
          • Treat election workers with courtesy
          • Respect the privacy of other voters
          • Report any problems or violations of election laws to the supervisor of elections
          • Ask questions, if needed
          • Make sure that their completed ballot is correct before leaving the polling place

          Note: Failure to perform any of these responsibilities does not prohibit you from voting.