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        1. Voter Identification    

          To request a vote-by-mail ballot please provide the information below.

          Example: If you were born on January 1, 1990 and live at 123 Main Street, Orlando, FL 32806, enter 123 for ‘House Number,’ 32806 for ‘Zip Code,’ and enter your birth date as 01/01/1990.

          This Vote-By-Mail Request website is intended for use by the individual voter or authorized designee to request ballots for upcoming elections. Access or attempted access to information that is exempt from public disclosure other than to you as the voter or authorized designee may subject you to criminal prosecution or civil liability.

          Need your ballot mailed to a temporary address? Then you must submit your request in writing with your signature. Download a Vote-by-Mail Request Form (English, PDF)/Download a Vote-by-Mail Request Form (Spanish, PDF) or write to us with your name, date of birth, residential address, temporary mailing address, your signature and what elections you are requesting and return by mail, fax, or as an email attachment by using our Contact Us Email Form. Ballots will not use the forwarding services from postal service.


          Bill Cowles, Orange County Supervisor of Elections

          Street Address: 119 West Kaley Street Orlando, FL 32806

          Mailing Address: PO BOX 562001 Orlando, FL 32856-2001

          Office: 407-836-2070? ? Fax: 407-254-6596